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The “Why”

The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists was born out of a journey of healing from trauma. In 2020, our world faced racial reckoning, a global health pandemic highlighting health disparities in marginalized communities and unaddressed mental health issues plaguing BIPOC communities.  

 The year also highlighted the lack of diversity in newsrooms. The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show in 2020, 80% of journalists in newsrooms are White, 10.9% are Black, 6.7% are Asian and 5.3% are Hispanic. 

Mental Health America reports the BIPOC community often experiences a disproportionately high burden of disability from mental disorders while the DART Center for Journalism and Trauma says between 80 and 100% of journalists have been exposed to a work- related traumatic event. There’s no question, nearly every BIPOC journalist is walking into a newsroom with trauma.

The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists is on a mission to create a safe space for journalists of color and journalists of conscience using trauma-informed yogic tools to help keep journalists balanced and equipped to handle the stress of news while normalizing trauma and mental health conversations. 


The “Who”

Yoga Educator, Wellness Entrepreneur and Journalist

Leslie Rangel has more than 800 hours of yoga training, 300 of them with an emphasis in yoga psychology. She’s been in the news industry as a TV journalist for nearly a decade. 

Since 2016, Leslie has taught classes in yoga studios and gyms. One of her favorite groups to teach was trauma-informed classes to women rescued from human and sex trafficking industries. 

In 2020, Leslie used the pandemic as a way to continue sharing yoga healing tools. She founded The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists, a global online wellness studio focused on providing a safe space for journalists to use yogic tools to help normalize conversations about trauma and mental health. Read more about Leslie here.

Are you a journalism organization, newsroom or student/college group that wants to work with me? Please email 

The “What”

What comes next? 2021 is focused on delivering yogic tools to those who want to dive deeper into healing.

Look for more intentional content for journalists of color and journalists of conscience. 

Here’s what The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists currently offers:

1. Online Virtual Yoga Studio: Looking to start yoga practice with help from Leslie, but can’t make the live classes? Members get access to dozens of yoga classes and meditations created by Leslie. Become a member here and join journalists from across the world.

2. 6-weeks to Managing News Stress and Reconnecting to the Storyteller Within: Leslie created this 6-week course with journalists in mind. This course goes beyond knowing how to do a yoga pose. In 6 weeks, students will explore yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to use during high-stress and breaking news situations. You’ll also keep an active journal as you move through self-study and get back to your purpose. 

Enroll in self-paced course now, open to all journalists

3. Live group virtual yoga classes: Looking to host a private yoga class and introduce yoga for journalists to your news friends? Email Leslie today at Join organizations like Investigative Reporters and Editors, RTDNA, Online News Association and The Carter Center for Mental Health Journalism in hosting your own yoga and lecture with Leslie. 


Live Class Schedule

Try a live virtual class taught by a journalist, for journalists, in a safe space for other journalists.

Stay in the know!

The newsletter is where we come together as a community. Stay in the know as we continue our mission in normalizing mental health and wellness conversations in the news industry. 

"Journalists of color, journalists of conscience, the role we play in this country, we carry such a responsibility..."

– Maria Hinojosa

"If the body doesn't know what it feels, it doesn't know what it needs"

– Leslie, The News Yogi

"If you don't make time for your wellness, you'll be forced to make time for your illness."

– Unknown

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