About me

Yoga Educator + Wellness Entrepreneur + Journalist

Hi! Thank you for being here! My name is Leslie Rangel, a yoga educator, wellness entrepreneur and a journalist. I’m the founder of The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists. 

For so long, I was scared to say I’m a journalist and a yogi. I had the wrong idea that being a journalist meant selling your soul to news. WRONG!

Through The News Yogi | Yoga for Journalists, I’m on a mission to teach journalists that we’re humans first, journalists second. 

The time is now help normalize mental health conversations and discuss trauma in newsrooms across the globe. As a young journalist I faced burnout, stress, anxiety and depression, on top of generational trauma from being a first generation Mexican-American woman.

In 2016, I took my first yoga teacher training and used yoga to begin my journey to healing from traumas faced in career and life. I’m now a 500 hour registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance with more than 300 hours in advanced yoga psychology studies. 

After 5 years of teaching yoga to the general population, I knew it was time to bring this to news. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, I led my first meditation for a group of journalists. I never looked back. My work as The News Yogi has been featured in Yoga Journal, RTDNA, IRE, The Carter Center for Mental Health Journalism, ONA and the National Press Club. 

Interested in working with me? Please email TheNewsYogi@gmail.com


A few fun facts about me:

I have 2 rescue pugs

Harlow in purple was found sleeping inside a tire at a mechanic in Beaumont. Hiro in green was surrendered from his previous owner becuase of domestic violence. 💜


I passed out in yoga

Note to self: If you want to try your first yoga class, make sure you sleep and eat. After an all-nighter studying and only eating an apple, hot yoga is NOT a good idea. You'd think I would've left yoga for good, but it's the day I LITERALLY fell in love with yoga! 


I shoot and edit my stories

Yes, I'm a morning news anchor, but I also shoot, write, edit and produce my own stories. I learned back in 2012 in my first job and loved it since. Fun fact, I also produce.


    It really began in Beaumont

    I met this fellow journalist at a city council meeting and a decade later we're still together and now happily married. 

    Pranayama Practice Works!

    My first teacher training with Andrew Eppler, in Norman, Oklahoma taught us breathing yoga techniques to help us sweat in the snow! It works!

    I made George Lopez Cry!

    In an interview about his movie, Walking with Herb, about never losing hope. I asked him what his biggest lesson was in playing the role. His answer? Get rid of your fears.