An 8-week yogic healing journey for journalists. Stop surviving, start thriving.

Does this describe you?

  • You’re struggling with balancing life and career
  • You hate the 24/7 news cycle and want to incorporate more joy
  • Standing up for stories, schedules and money is scary and hard
  • Stuck in the news hamster wheel, just showing up
  • Your only identity is news and being a journalist
  • You barely survive the daily news grind 
  • News days may be leading to high stress or even trauma

If you’re reading this, I want you to know you’re ready. You’re meant to live the big vision you seek, thrive in the abundance you desire, and move forward in your journalism career.

Imagine if you could:

  • Thrive as a human & journalist with a better sense of balance
  • Be more joyful, set boundaries on the  24/7 news cycle
  • Ask for your worth in money, schedules and job and life
  • Make a difference as a storyteller, get out of the news hamster wheel
  • Be your own person
  • Stop playing small and find newsrooms that support you
  • Understand origins of stress and trauma and how to use resourcing when news life gets crazy

    How did the News Yogi start??

    After selling my soul to news, living in newsrooms since college, doing 8 journalism internships and 4 years into my professional career, I hated journalism and tried desperately to quit. 

    It was hard to cope with news cycle after news cycle. I turned to drinking a lot and made bad decisions throughout my weekends to ease the pain. Eventually, I became irritable at work, emotional, and felt stuck. The biggest problem? I had sold my soul to my news career.

    In a one month period, my career almost took my entire soul away from me with two events. First, I was covering tornados and my partner called me asking me how to get to safety. I lost it, not knowing if the next words out of my mouth meant he would die. I managed to talk him through driving away from a twister. 

    Not too long after, I covered a political rally with divisive comments made about Mexican Americans, my people. I broke down into tears and was on the brink of an emotional breakdown. 

    That’s when I knew something was wrong and I turned to yoga.

    I started a yoga teacher training program and my life completely changed.  Real yoga is most certainly NOT about the poses. Yoga is about using breath, movement, self-compassion and self-inquiry to help heal yourself. I began using yoga movement, meditation tools and resourcing to manage my trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. 

    No longer was I weekend binge drinking, I was weekend yoga teaching. Yoga saved me from the collision course I was on and reminded me that I’m a human 1st, journalist 2nd.

    Have you ever felt like you are on a collision course in your news career? I invite you to come on this yoga journey with me and move from a burned out to breakthrough journalist. I’m an example you can be a successful storyteller, share stories you are passionate about and still live your best life doing what you love. Are you ready? Join us!


    An 8-week yoga immersion course for journalists. Stop surviving, start thriving.

    What’s Included:

    • Video lessons with corresponding recorded Yoga and Meditation Lessons
    • Resourcing tools to use in the field and newsroom
    • Feedback 1-1 via Google forms and recorded videos
    • Journaling prompts and workbook 
    • Weekly Q&A group calls with Leslie
    • Meditation & Yoga Challenges for accountability
    • Community of like-minded journalists and storytellers
    • Special guest workshops throughout training
    • Slack Community

    A look inside B2B:

    Module 1:

    Holding space for self

    Mindset matters and the first thing we’re doing is holding space for ourselves by checking in with our purpose, reframing our mindset and envisioning who we want to be. I’ll teach you step-by-step how I schedule my day, how I manage burnout and how to set boundaries.



    Module 2: 

    Unpacking & Understanding

    If the body doesn’t know what it feels, it doesn’t know what it needs. I’m teaching you why yoga helps unpack our emotional scars. We’re getting into the deep shadows and learning how to understand some of those fears we have as journalists, but more importantly as humans.


    Module 3: 

    Manifest your Magic

    What’s behind your imposter syndrome? Why can’t you say no to work? Why are you stuck in a newsroom that doesn’t value you? I’m teaching you the tools I used to let-go of those old mind traps and take hold of my magic. This module will get deep into breathwork and meditation.


      Module 4: 

      Align and Affirm

      Ever feel like your energy is just off? It’s not just you! There’s a science to it! Within this module, I’ll teach you the chakra system and how it correlates to our bodies, mentally, physically, emotionally including how somatics play a part. We’ll also dive into doshas and how each of us have unique mind and body types that help explain how we show up as humans. 


      Module 5: 

      Nourish and Nurture

      This is the last module, but it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. This is where I help you with your yoga wellness plan to have a step-by-step process on how to notice and manage mental wellness with yoga tools. We’ll also learn about the 8 limbs of yoga to help embody the practice not only in a physical sense, but as a way of life. 

        You will leave this program understanding how you show up and why, how to deal with stressors and understand the ways our shadow can make them seem bigger. You’ll also leave with your own yoga and meditation plan to help deal with news and life to help you continue on your journey of healing.

        Who is this course for?

        • You’re ready to invest in yourself, level up and start living a more purposeful life
        • You’re ready to stop surviving and ready to start thriving 
        • You believe in a better way of life and career 
        • You’re mentally ready for a coach who has the tools and experience to guide you through your yoga journey
        • You want to stand up for yourself and who you’re meant to be
        • You’re ready to move from burnout to breakthrough human

        This may not be for you if:

        • You’re not ready to level up and you’re ok with the news grind
        • You like riding the news hamster wheel
        • Suppressing the tough emotions is working for now
        • Your ok chasing solutions here and there with people who haven’t figured it out
        • You’re ok playing small, just doing what you’re told
        • You’re fine surviving and moving through the motions

          Why this 8-week course?

          I created this immersion course because I want to share these tools with you. I know what it’s like to constantly wonder why I dreamed of being a journalist. I faced heartbreak walking into newsrooms everyday knowing what I’d let my dream become. I see too many amazing journalists quit. I see too many BIPOC journalists leaving the industry. I believe in a journalism career where mental health matters, the people in the newsrooms accurately represent communities they cover and journalists can stand up for themselves, challenge the status quo and know everyday, they are humans first, journalists second.

          Frequently asked questions

          What is an immersion course?

          This is an 8 week course in which you learn by using nothing else but the language or skill that you are learning. Our launguage is normalizing mental wellness and using yoga tools to help in our healing journeys. 

          How much is this 8 week course?

          The B2B immersion course is an investment for the present and future of your life and career. If you’re interested in hearing more about $$$, that means you’re real interested. Fill out your discovery call and chat with me here! 

          What makes you an expert?

          As journalists, it’s our job to make sure our sources are credible! No shame in asking this. First, I’m a professional award-winning journalist and news anchor who’s been in the business nearly a decade. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in yoga teacher trainings. I’ve completed more than 500 hours of training and teaching including: 300 hours focused in Ashtanga Yoga under the teachings of Andrew Eppler directly from Mysore, India; 300 hours focused in alignment under the teachings of Shanti Kelley, Iva Driti, Gioconda Parker and Shawn Kent; 300 hours in Yoga Psychology under the teachings of licensed psychotherapist Ashley Turner, Hala Khouri, expert in trauma-informed yoga and Susana Bakatari an expert in personal and social change. I’ve also completed 50 hours of trauma informed yoga trainings under My Vinyasa Practice.

          When and where are the weekly group coaching calls?

          The 90-minute weekly calls are hosted every Wednesday night at 7pm ET via Zoom with Leslie, the News Yogi! Please note: we always have cameras on, a light yoga or meditation practice. 

          I'm no longer in news, or I really want to leave, is this still for me?

          I always say, once a journalist, always a journalist. This course is about self-growth and finding the yoga tools to help you through burnout and news stress. Plus, who knows, we always need good journalists and I guarantee there’s a newsroom out there who’d be happy to have you!

          If you’re thinking about leaving traditional news, that’s ok! I’ve had media specialists take my trainings! Journalists are needed in so many places and non-traditional media outlets pop up everyday! Just because you’re not chasing traditional deadlines, doesn’t mean this is not for you! Join us! 

          How many other people are in the group?

          This course is about building ocmmunity and normalizing mental health in a safe and intimate group experience. This will allow everyone to share and evolve as needed. Our B2B group is limited to 10 slots. After 10, I set up a waitlist for those interested in joining when a spot opens.

          Past Student Love

          Caitrin Assaf

          TV News Reporter

          This course helped me manage stress in a way that is both fulfilling and fun! The yoga exercises helped me get into the exercise, and breathing techniques help me on a daily basis

          Alejandra Rios

          Communication Specialist Dallas ISD

          I can say that this program opened my eyes to the person I really want to be. I learned to value myself and defend my ideas. There are things about me that I had not discovered. I am not scared anymore, I feel free and I just know that I am enough”



          Brianna Chavez

          News Anchor and Reporter

          Leslie really makes you think about you and how learning more about yourself in a safe space can play a role in the life you want to live and the type of journalist you want to be.I always say I “want to do the work” to better myself, but I never actually do. Through this course I had to reflect on things that made me uncomfortable about myself on top of a job that on occasion makes me uncomfortable. I’m not done “doing the work.”