Yoga for Journalists:

6 Weeks to Managing News Stress and reconnecting to the Storyteller within”

We break news. It doesn’t break us


We break news, is it breaking you?

  • Have anxiety every time you pitch a story or talk to your managers?
  • Can’t sleep or unplug?
  • Wondering if your “bad” day is something more? Could it be trauma?
  • Stress eat, shop, drink?
  • Wondering what the point of your journalism career is? 
  • Feeling burnt out and ready to quit?
  • Dread going to work every day?

Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly what to do each day to help you find balance, and support you on the days where you’re ready to quit. 

  • Get an understanding of why our profession sees so much burnout, beyond the “nature of the business” 
  • Learn to create your own wellness routines and learn what works best for you
  • Feel empowered to meditate without having to sit in silence for hours on end
  • Learn resiliency and get back to the storyteller within 

What will you learn? This course won’t just suggest a few poses and breathing techniques.


In 6 weeks, I will teach you how to craft your own yoga and meditation practice for your particular struggles.


  •  By the end of this 6 week course you’ll know how yoga can be used to address trauma and stress in news
  • You’ll leave with clear mental wellness plan and outline of what yoga and meditation practices works best for you
  • Learn to recognize how stress may be showing up in your life and body
  • Walk away with the knowledge to continue your path as a News Yogi and get closer to balance 

This hybrid self-paced course takes you step by step from square one to crafting your own yoga and wellness plan to help manage news stress, recognize trauma and reconnect to you as a storyteller.

About The News Yogi

Meet your instructor:

 Hi! My name is Leslie and I’m so glad you’re here. I started yoga for journalists in the midst of the pandemic. Yoga has been my life’s work and literally helped save my life personally and professionally.

Early on in my career, I dealt with a lot of s*@! It was tough. I had anxiety, doubted myself and could not relax. I dreaded going to work and some days I didn’t have time for yoga because what studio offers a 10pm class after my shift? So I became a teacher and taught myself.

I wish I would’ve had a “News Yogi” in my life to help guide me through those dark days I went through. Now, I’m sharing the tools I used to help me deal with this crazy career we chose. Taking a yoga class here and there is great, but stop guessing and find your own path and what works for YOU in the yoga and wellness space to help manage stress and get back to your mission in journalism.

What fellow journalists are saying about The News Yogi:


Made for journalists schedules

This 6 week self-paced course is perfect for the journalist who’s schedule is inconsistent. As part of the course, you’ll have access to yoga and meditation classes, mini-lectures, journal prompts and 5 opportunities for live discussions with Leslie! 


For newsies, by a newsie

This yoga course is designed with YOU, the journalist in mind, by a working journalist who knows what this career is like and is experiencing the same things as you. This course will start up again in June of 2021. 


Access anywhere

As a morning TV news anchor, I know, life is busy! This course will teach you how I’ve managed to stay sane in the midst of topsy turvy schedules and stressful breaking news. Access the course whether you’re at home, in the field on assignment, or have a quick 5 min break to squeeze in some meditation or movement.

What you get: 

6 modules of in-depth study

The Yoga for Journalists curriculum consists of 6 weeks of in-depth yoga studies. Each week, you’ll get access to a new module. Although it’s meant for us to move through it together, you can slow down to your own pace for those weeks where news will undoubtedly change up our schedules. You are also welcome to revisit any material as you’d like. You’ll have a personal online portal powered through Teachable that can be accessed from your computer, mobile-friendly webpage or the ios app.



What you get: 

Weekly Course Curriculum

Yoga and meditation practice is required for participation in this program. Watch anywhere, anytime.

Leslie puts together a special exclusive yoga practice to coincide with the week’s theme to help really embody the yoga practice.


  • Brand New Asana (physical) video practice to help you embody the the week’s lesson
  • At least 3 new short form video lessons no more than 15 minutes each for easy watching
  • TOTAL = 6 exclusive Asana video practices
  • TOTAL = 24 exclusive Yoga for Journalists lessons
  • OPTIONAL= 6 Live Zoom classes in addition to 6 recorded practices



What you get: 

Live Q&A Calls with Leslie and Private Facebook Group to discuss  

I want you to succeed! You are not in this alone! Every other week Leslie will host a 60 minute LIVE private mentorship video call with all students in “Yoga for Journalists, Managing News Stress and Reconnecting to the Human Storyteller Within.” 

Each call will have an open forum to discuss anything you’d like related to the week’s topics, lessons, yoga practice or any other relevant topic to Yoga for Journalists. Bring all your questions! 

  • Calls recorded
  • Listen on your own time
  • Access previous calls you missed

This also serves as a perfect opportunity to get to know other News Yogis around the world.

You can keep the conversation going, support each other, collaborate, share resources, challenges in our private Facebook Group exclusively for students of the 6 week course.




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Frequently Asked

I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?

100% yes! Just like anything else we try in life, we don't do it because we're experts at it. We do it to grow and get better.

How does yoga help with what I'm going through?

Research shows self-care like movement, breathing exercises and meditation help reduce stress. 

I can't sit still, is meditating a good idea?

Meditation doesn't only mean sitting and being quiet. Meditation can exist in walking, drawing, journaling and yoga. I'd be happy to help find what works for you.

I already practice to teach yoga, is this for me?

This is absolutely for YOU! This yoga training dives deeper into the mental/emotional aspects of yoga. We discuss chakra systems, maps and models of the body from Yoga lineage. We look at how yoga can help us find collective liberation.

We also take a scientific look at how yoga helps us. What is happening in the brain when we breathe and move. This training goes beyond knowing how to do poses or what is the right way to do a chaturunga. This training really dives deep into how to use the yoga off the mat and into the world as journalists and humans. 

When does the course start?

This course will start February 1, 2021 and end March 13, 2021.

Waitlist is open for the next cohort

I'd love this, but money is tight.....

I remember the struggle days of having literally $7 in my account with a week left until payday. I'd love to help fellow newsies for free, but I have to charge for my valuable time. Just one yoga teacher training is a $3,000 and I've invested thousands in learning these yogic techniques. Think about it this way, you are investing in yourself and your mental health. These are tools you will have access to for life!

*A limited number of scholarships are available to address systemic racial and economic disparities. Application link at the bottom of page. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! Details will be provided soon as well as information on scholarships. 

Still have a question? Email me: 


Invest in yourself and start your journey to change your life