In a career where we see so much loss, suffering and destruction, to the outside world, it may seem it’s easy to live with gratitude. If you keep up with me on IG stories, you’ve probably seen my daily morning routine starts with lemon water, a little yoga movement and a gratitude journal. 

Recently, I got a message from a fellow journalist, asking how I could have so much gratitude in a career that takes so much from us. I loved the question. I’m not here to tell you to be grateful because someone out there “has it so much worse,” in fact, I believe approaching gratitude in that way promotes toxic positivity, a way to block important feelings for the sake of always being positive. 

Here’s how I approach gratitude journaling: I look for the lessons learned in the good, the bad and the ugly. Gratitude journaling for me is simply a way to look back at your journey, notice where you’ve been and connect how the path has led you to where you are right now. 

Gratitude journal tips: 

  • Had a difficult day? Journal out what you learned from it and how you could be grateful for the lesson
  • Someone made you upset? Journal those emotions, and how you may feel gratitude for what you’ve learned. 
  • Told a story you really liked? Got an interview you’ve been wanting? Journal why it’s important to you and why you may be grateful for it. 
  • Had a great day? Journal about what specifically made it great and why you’re grateful for it. 

Still unsure on if gratitude journaling really works? Good, if you’re a journalist, you should be skeptical. 

Here’s some benefits from the scientists

  • Make us happier & enhances positive emotions
  • Increases our self-esteem & make us more optimistic
  • Make us more effective managers
  • Reduce impatience and improve decision-making
  • Help us find meaning in our work
  • Reduces blood pressure and depressive symptoms

Remember, yoga teaches us that life goes in seasons. Sometimes we’re in a winter season, where it can feel cold and empty, other times we’re in Spring, where it’s fruitful and blossoming. Just like in nature, all seasons are needed for the cycle of life. Take time to pause, notice how far you’ve come in life and I invite you to find ways you can show gratitude.

Looking for more guidance on yoga tools to help with emotional wellness? Check out my online yoga studio for on-demand yoga for journalists, or join us for a live class!

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