Would you believe if I told you, the point of yoga isn’t to touch your toes or to stand on your head? Yoga is simply the practice of finding what feels good for you.

The truth is, yoga has been hijacked by the West as a practice for people who look a certain way. Yoga is so much more. Yoga is about using breath as meditation through movement. Yoga is about sitting with the discomfort and really allowing yourself to feel it. 

Think about it this way, try a warrior pose and hold it for 12-15 breaths. What happens after the first 3-4? You may start to feel uncomfortable, the legs may get shakey, you may start to feel hot and you may want to give up. Instead, can you try really breathing into the pose? Can you imagine the breath shinning a light into the tightness of the muscles? Can you be in this moment and practice witnessing what is coming up? Listen to what your body is telling you, maybe it’s to rest, maybe it’s to push through, maybe it’s a reminder of your inner strength. When we can be still within and allow space for witnessing and growth, that’s the yoga. 

There will always be shadows in life, but yoga teaches us to look for the light shining through the cracks of darkness.

Yoga is an inquiry to sit in the discomforts of life, learn from them and then bask in the joy of healing.

If you’re tired of not feeling enough or knowing you’ve put yourself off for too long, I invite you to yoga. It’s an invitation to use movement to meditate and instead of fighting against things in life, get a glimpse of what your really aiming for. 

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